Monday, June 1, 2009

Battlegroup Sadoukad Army List

The army list for Battlegroup Sadoukad will be posted as it comes together. Each element will be presented with a breakdown of content and points, as well as pics of conversions and painting. I feel like this will be easier to manage over the coming weeks.

I will be posting progress on each of these units as I get to them. Look over to the right for the progress lists. I will admit that I am a modeler more than a gamer but I intend to get out there and play a lot more. If you suggest a change to the list, please give feedback on what might work better

The war goes on,


Craig said...

not sure about the size and style of your font, its not very reader friendly!
Like the list... what rough riders are you rocking? conversions?

Col. Hessler said...

Thanks for the feedback...still a work in progress.