Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Army Fluff: Wilde Männer

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The Wilde Männer are a Germanic, tribal people that live in the untamed, forested areas of Sadoukad 16. They interact regularly with the civilized majority of the planet but manage to retain their own relative Independence, something they are fiercely proud of. Looked upon as simple, uneducated tribesman by the Imperium, the Sadoukad generals(and the Inquisition) have long known and respected the Wilde Männer as powerful psykers, capable of unleashing fearsome waves of warp-spawned destruction. When driven into the heat of battle, the Wilde Männer become so frenzied that they are able to ignore wounds that would bring a normal man to his knees. Often led only by their psychic powers, some Wilde Männer will cover their eyes or mouth in order to be guided by the mysterious energy that overtakes them on the battlefield. In spite of their great power, they rarely fall to the perils of the Warp, a fact that has been observed and pondered for decades.


Hal'jin said...

Nice, but take into consideration that Imperium wouldn't have unchecked psykers running around on a world of theirs. Or does the Inquisition not know of their existance? Now that could make for some interesting twists.

Col. Hessler said...

He he, I like the way you think...