Monday, June 18, 2012

Merc Update 6/18

Right, so I've sorted out a new camera, which gives me a chance to show of my latest purchase...

They're the British Commandos from Warlord Games.  I'd seen these figures when they released and I instantly thought "old school Stormtroopers".  After taking a closer look at these, I think I may have found a new source for bits and upgrades!  Fitst off, the size matched up quite nicely with 40k, more with ForgeWorld than the Cadian plastics.  Here's a compasrison:

I also was happy that some FW Elysian bits I have, went on great with the body.

The glorious discovery of this kit is the options it offers to hobbyists.  All the heads are separate from the berets, but there are also camo'd Para helmets and a more standard "Dougboy" helmet.  With all the sprues that come in one box you'd have enough helmets/berets for multiple squads.

Also included on each sprue are loads of kit...especially these awesome backpacks!

The weapons that are included don't match up well at all, I wasn't that surprised given the well known proportional differences of various 28mm companies.

So, I think I've found a good source of alternative figures to start my Merc Force.  I may try my hand at some additional green-stuff sculpting to Sci-Fi them up a bit.

I hope to have some faster updates as these start to come together.  I am still toying with using Elysian heads on these...I'll save those thoughts for my next update.

The war goes on,

Friday, May 18, 2012

28mm Greatcoats from Mad Robot Miniatures

Just wanted to announce that Mad Robot Miniatures is now taking pre-orders on it's first 28mm offering...The Sadoukadi Greatcoats!

That's right, I was unable to come up with a better name so I stuck with it.  The figures are super detailed and cast in white metal.  As soon as I get some masters in hand I'll get them assembled and painted.  Should be next week, hopefully.

Be sure to check out all the details HERE.

The war goes on,

Friday, April 13, 2012

Mechanized Mercs

I've decided to go with the orange/white color combo for my mercenary force.  Here's a reminder of the color scheme...

I got frustrated as I contemplated doing a size-able force of FW Elysian models.  Why?  Because a great deal of the poses look rather silly, to be honest.  Before going that route, I decided to try a pack of the new Corporation Rangers from Mantic.  Although I wasn't greatly impressed by the previews I saw, I decided to give them a chance.

I shouldn't have bothered...the models are awkwardly posed, very strange.  The legs are too long for the body and the head is too squat.  What follows is a comparison pic, low quality because of my phone.  The old camera gave out so it's the phone for now.

From the left:  Mantic, Altered-Mantic, Mantic, DKoK, Cadian

Funny enough, the issues with the Mantic Corp. Rangers were eased with the addition of an Elysian Head and arms.  In my opinion, it totally changed the feel of the model and made it worth my attention.  Here is a side comparison to illustrate some of the Mantic shortcomings.

Another negative for me is the general soft details, especially compared to the FW Elysian.  I suppose I should expect there to be that kind of difference, I just hoped they would work out better.

So...I guess it's time to re-consider my rejection of the Elysian models, maybe I'll try toying with some Cadians.

Anyways, thanks for reading.  Feel free to offer up any experiences you've had with these Mantic figures.  I'm anxious to see what others think of them.

The war goes on,

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Elysian HQ part 2

I've moved on to my 2nd paint scheme, meant to fall somewhere between Star Wars and Mass Effect.  Starting from the White base, I took Citadel Fortress Grey and diluted heavily with Vallejo Glaze Medium.  I gave the figure a good once over and after drying, it served well to shadow the white without darkening in too much.

Armor was based with Citadel Solaris Orange and followed up with a watered down coat of Foundry Orange(B).  The Visor was given watered down layers of Foundry Vivid Blue(A) and Sky Blue(B).  Boots and belts got a few watery coats of Citadel Chardon Granite and a wash of Badab Black.

Next, hoses and a few details were painted with Citadel Boltgun Metal and given a wash of Badab Black.

All in all, I'm happy how this turned out.  It was an idea I've had brewing in my head for a while and I think it translated well into reality.  There are some more opportunities for some washing or shading but I think it stands as completed for now.

I've also been considering a grav sled of some kind, something that gives a quick drop ability on the battlefield, similar to the way that US Navy SEAL use their small boats.  I'm thinking I will borrow from the design and concept in the Star Wars universe.  In particular, the skiff that is seen circling around Jabba the Hut's Barge in Return Of The Jedi.

Any thoughts on this direction?

The war goes on,

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Drop Troops HQ

Switching gears from DKoK, I got caught up in my Elysian minis and went with them over the weekend.  I've decided to use these as the base of a small, mobile mercenary company that will utilize grav vehicles and involve some scratch building.

So, I've decided to start some test color schemes on my Elysian HQ to see which fits in best to my theme.  I started by prepping the main figures and priming them, followed by a basic flesh coat of Reaper Tanned Flesh:

Using a Cadian torso, I was able to squeeze a 6th figure into the mix and I began blocking in the colors of my first test scheme:

Anticipating some washes, I went with a Vallejo Pale Sand on the uniform and Vallejo Military Green on the armor.  My "go to" paint for boots and belts is usually Wargames Foundry Deep Leather and that's what I went with here.

I applied a wash of Citadel Black to the boots and armor and, wanting something warmer than straight brown, washed the uniform with Citadel Sepia. I also blocked in the visor with Citadel Foundation Orange.

Overall, I'm rather pleased with the way it's looking.  A bit generic perhaps but it stands as one of my color possibilities, nevertheless.

On to the next and I think I'll start working on a design for a grav skimmer/APC.  As always, comments and criticisms are welcomed.

The war goes on,

Sunday, February 26, 2012

DKoK Resurrection

Long time, no post...busy times, they are.  After toying with the first color choice for my DKoK command squad, I've found a better idea, courtesy of Imperial Armour Volume Five - The Siege of Vraks.  Here's what I've decided to go with:

I'll interpret that color to be a dark blue and I'll choose a light olive green for the kit instead of the tan that is shown.  Here's a Grenadier from the same regiment:

Stay tuned for some more regular updates.  I'll also be doing some tag team painting on my Elysians as well. 

Here's a pic I found in my quest for interesting DKoK color schemes.  I do believe this is a pre-Forgeworld example a Krieg trooper, taken from the Codex: Armageddon..  Ahh...simpler times.

Anyways, thanks for checking this out.  I'll be getting into painting again now that things have stopped being so crazy over at Mad Robot Miniatures.

The war goes on,