Monday, June 18, 2012

Merc Update 6/18

Right, so I've sorted out a new camera, which gives me a chance to show of my latest purchase...

They're the British Commandos from Warlord Games.  I'd seen these figures when they released and I instantly thought "old school Stormtroopers".  After taking a closer look at these, I think I may have found a new source for bits and upgrades!  Fitst off, the size matched up quite nicely with 40k, more with ForgeWorld than the Cadian plastics.  Here's a compasrison:

I also was happy that some FW Elysian bits I have, went on great with the body.

The glorious discovery of this kit is the options it offers to hobbyists.  All the heads are separate from the berets, but there are also camo'd Para helmets and a more standard "Dougboy" helmet.  With all the sprues that come in one box you'd have enough helmets/berets for multiple squads.

Also included on each sprue are loads of kit...especially these awesome backpacks!

The weapons that are included don't match up well at all, I wasn't that surprised given the well known proportional differences of various 28mm companies.

So, I think I've found a good source of alternative figures to start my Merc Force.  I may try my hand at some additional green-stuff sculpting to Sci-Fi them up a bit.

I hope to have some faster updates as these start to come together.  I am still toying with using Elysian heads on these...I'll save those thoughts for my next update.

The war goes on,