Tuesday, June 16, 2009

From The Workshop: Magnifier

How can anyone not love this little beauty? For years I struggled to see the finer details of my 28mm friends as I painted them. I would see these magnifiers in the store and think "someday..."

I finally went for it and WOW, what a huge difference. Where as I used to hold a mini up close to my face, I can now hold it at arms length with the same detail revealed. That, in turn, allows me to capture more light as I'm painting. Also, for what its worth, sit by a window when you paint. Painting in the sunlight offers a much truer sense of how your colors look.

I cannot imagine doing this hobby with out these. I challenge you to try them, you may not ever take them off. Also, they kinda look like the goggles from the SM Scouts (oh yeah!)

The war goes on,


Admiral Drax said...

In these British 'summer' months I get to paint in my garden shed. Usually at night. With my feet resting awkwardly on the lawnmower. Cramped in between the washing mashine and the tumble drier. Sitting on a stack of patio chairs. Being swarmed on by spiders and battered by moths.

Still, at least there's electricity out there.

I do like to paint by a window though, I have to agree. Mind you, direct sunlight is not so helpful at all.

And those goggly-things? They look awesome, but I don't know if my wife would ever speak to me again!

Col. Hessler said...

LOL, well Drax, I guess it's all in how you look at it. One man's stack of patio chairs is another man's throne.


Ace said...

I have a big magnifying glass, and some goggles as well. I guess it's age catching up with me, but I love being able to see the detail as well.