Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rough Riders (1)

Finally got some pics up of my first rough riders. Up first is the RR Sgt:

Bits Breakdown:

  • Horse - WHF Empire Pistoliers
  • Legs - WHF Empire Pistoliers
  • Torso - Cadian
  • Lance/Arms - WHF Bretonnian Knightly Order
  • Heads - Mixture of Cadian & WHF Empire Pistoliers
  • Misc. Bits - Cadian sprues

The biggest challenge of the conversion has been filing down the right shoulder of all that armor plating. I still don't have it down to where I really want it. I think a better option might be found with a regular IG arm and swapping out the hand/lance. That would probably give less of a "knightly" look.

Although I have gotten all my misc. bits attached, I still need to scrounge a flamer and a meltagun for two of my riders, as well as some melta-bombs for the sergeant.

Although I really like the horse RR, I recently saw some very cool conversions done using the SM Scout bikes. I might take a stab at some of those.

I will be painting these with standard Vallejo German Uniform on the pants and the smock/helmet will be done in an Autumn Oak Leaf camo pattern. I will go with various shades of brown for the horses. If anyone has ever seen a reasonable tutorial on painting horses please send it my way.

The war goes on,


Craig said...

impressive looking squad, i love the pistoliers heads

Hal'jin said...

Those look really good! I did only one back in the days of 4th ed, but it was in similar matter! I think I'll have to take a closer looka t pistolier heads..

Anonymous said...

Really nice conversions. I will be building a signigicant force (36) for an upcoming game and I appreciate the inspiration.