Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hardened Veterans 01

Well it was great taking some time off and I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas. I painted up the first of a 10-man Vet squad; the 1st of 3 such squads I will be painting over the next months.

This veteran trooper, armed with a shotgun, is wearing a camo pattern from the Boadasil Campaign. Like all Sadoukadi veterans, has has adapted his camo to reflect the particular foliage and season of the battle. In this case it was late autumn during the battle for the Salinese Valley, just outside of the capital city of New Carson.

It was there that elements of Battlegroup Hessler, under the command of Col. Stephen Hessler, first clashed with the forces of Chaos. Using an elite, handpicked force of veterans and mechanized troops, Hessler brought the Emperor's wrath to the dogs of Chaos in what would turn out to be the first of many bloody, hard fought battles.

Anyways...hope you like. More to come as I continue to re-connect with my paintbrushes.

The war goes on,