Thursday, June 4, 2009

From The Workshop: Primer

Primer...such an important part of painting good minis. There are lots of opinions about primer, what color to use, how to apply it. The bottom line is...use whatever works best for you. I normally use spray primer but I have also used brush-on primer in the past, as well. As far as color...I prefer grey. I have used black and white and I still use them when I am looking for a ceretain look. I assume that the basics of color choice are fairly well known so I'll summarize them quickly:

White will give a brighter undertone.
Grey will give an even undertone.
Black will give a darker undertone.

There are numerous articles and examples to be found on the internet, I'll let the reader dig further if you so desire.

I go with grey because it allows me to cleary see all the details of a mini as well as getting a touch of shading possibilities. All of my shading is done with washes after the basecolor has been applied.

My brand of choice switches between to brands: Design Master, available at my local craft store and The Armory, available at my FLGS. Both are about $6-7 and well worth it. Sometimes you have no choice but to pay $15(?) for a can of "Kaos Black" but, if you can, find a place that sells it for less.

Whatever color or technique to use, please make sure you use it. Trust me when I will be saving yourself hours of frustration and disappointment.

Leave a comment and let me know how you approach priming.

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