Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sentinel Stand In 2

Work continues on this protoype. I have added a tail and fin and tried a 1st attempt at some proper legs...

At first I liked it but it soon became obvious that the rotors would have to be lengthened in order to maintain a consistent look. So I scrapped the legs (damn...) and went with this instead:

I scrounged a landing foot from my Valkyrie kit and it seems to be the winner. I like it most because it helps maintain a nice, compact look...which is what I wanted from the start.

This does not complete my work, I am still considering how to address the rotors. I am looking to straighten them out a bit or maybe build new ones from scratch.

Please feel free to comment and leave thoughts, your feedback is much appreciated.

The war goes on,

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Opinion Needed - Sentinel Stand In

I have done some more work on my "counts as" Sentinels. It is a mutation of Deffkopta and Sentinel parts. Because of the shape, I have un-officially dubbed it the Scorpian.

Obviously, this is very much a work-in-progress. Feel free to offer suggestions or criticisms. The design isn't written in stone so I can always make adjustments to the prototype.

I am interested to read your feedback.

The wars goes on,

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hardened Veterans & More...

I finished 5 of my first 10-man Vet squad. The next five will have some helmets without camo to offer some variety in the look of the unit. I want these guys to look like they are allowed to fine tune their uniforms to their own tastes.

I have started some work on the squads Chimera, as well. I wanted to go open topped, with a canopy of some sort. This variant is designed to be more of a fast attack transport than an AFV. I'm not sure about the wire "supports", I'm still considering something a little more substantial...maybe some lengths of sprue(?)...not sure.

The multi-laser has been converted to an automated turret that responds to the HUD of the driver.

Finally, I was inspired by the Sentinel stand-in that a fellow blogger did HERE. Although I tried his method, it wasn't enough for me so I am revamping the concept and have started clean with the cockpit/engine.

I will be using some of the frame from the AoBR Def Kopta but it will be scaled down and cleaned up a little. I am still deciding between a gyrocopter design or a helicopter deisgn, the main difference being the tail rotor.

More pics to come. C&C is welcomed and appreciated.

The war goes on,