Friday, October 2, 2009

Tanks...Now With Weathering!

My first 2 tanks have finally been moved to the "completed" column. All in all, I highly recommend the Tamiya Weathering Powders. They come 3 colors to a pack and there are 6(?) packs available, but I only use 4 of them...A,B,C, and D. The applicator looks like something from a make-up case, in fact I purchased 50 disposable make-up applicators off Ebay to make the process easier. The cost was $4. The weathering powders can go on very streaky so they need to be smoothed out with a larger, dry paintbrush.

I have listed the basic colors of my camo scheme in a previous post. The treads are painted similar to WW2 German forces...a dark red primer(Vallejo Cavalry Brown), followed by a dry brush of Gunmetal Grey, followed by a generous dry brushing of Tamiya Weathering Powder (in this case, Mud).

Other Tamiya powders used were Oil, Rust, Soot, etc. It warrants mentioning that there is really no correct way to apply these. I sprayed the whole model with Testors Glosscoat to make the weathering a little easier to manipulate. I also made some good use of GW Delvan Mud wash to create the rain streaks. My steaks are a bit longer than other examples I have seen, but they seems more realistic to me. real correct way to do this. After all the weathering was finished, I applied a spray of Testors Dullcoat to finish the entire process.

Anyways, enough of my yappin...



In my opinion, weathering needs to be approached in layers and you'll find that the only way to really get these techniques down is to pick up a tank and try it.

That's about it for now. Of course, C&C is appreciated and I'll be posting some more tanky goodness this weekend.

The war goes on,



Col. Corbane said...

Excellent job mate although it's a bit hard to get a close look with the slide show.

I really need to get into these weathering powers.

Col. Hessler said...

You can click on the slideshows to get larger pics.

Hal'jin said...

They're looking great! I will have to look up into all those techniques and materials for my upcoming Wolves.