Monday, April 14, 2014

Mecha Front - A Game of Robots

Throwing a shout-out to my friend Jon Paulson and his new game...Mecha Front.  Do you like massive robots blasting away at each other across a war-torn battlefield?  Then Mecha Front is for you!  I did some play testing and it is awesome.

Check it out HERE!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Born Again...

Hello, true believers.  I have climbed out of my pine box, broken through the topsoil, and clawed my way back to return to the blogosphere, a man with a mission.

Please excuse my 2 year absence, I've been busy running a minis company called Mad Robot Miniatures.  If you haven't checked it should

With the new 40K IG codex releasing...and failing...I have rekindled the hobby flames and have started, in earnest, to jump back in with both feet.  I will be getting back to where I left off, doing conversions and one-offs and such.

Just spent a lovely evening putting together one of the new DaNamian Jungle Fighters kits by Mad Robot.  These will be releasing in about 3 weeks or so.

A small way of jumping back in but, worry not, I have 2 boxes of Scions and a Tauros that are just begging to be ripped apart and improved upon.

I hope you'll come back next time and rejoin me on this journey.

The war goes on,