Sunday, June 7, 2009

From The Workshop: "Third Hand"

A "third hand" or "helping hand" is invaluble to a hobbyist/painter. The use of the item should be rather self-explanitory but I can give a quick walkthrough.

These beauties have either 2 or 3 arms with multiple articulations on each arm. A heavy duty, springloaded clip is at the end of each arm. The base also has massive articulation, as well. All of these joints allow you to twist the clips into almost any position to hold almost any model or piece of a model.

Gluing two pieces together? Clip them up and they are held in place until your adhesive dries.
Get more info HERE.

Bottom line: An underated and useful tool.

The war goes on,

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Admiral Drax said...

Never yet got to grips with mine (no pun intended). I guess my hands shake so much they cancel each other out!