Friday, September 25, 2009

Tank Update (2)

Painting is coming along on my first 2 vehicles. I am trying to follow the steps laid out in the Forge World Masterclass book. I cannot recommend this book enough, it is full of techniques and tips that will help to elevate your painting. I also recommend the GW How To Paint Tanks, as well. I consider it a Masterclass "lite".

Anyways, the camo is done and all the small stowage has been painted. I also did a small base layer of paint chipping, using the sponge method. It took a few tries to get the technique down but practice makes things easier. Since my base color is so dark, I went with Vallejo Gun Metal for the chipping color, as opposed to a dark grey.

A coat of Testors Gloss Coat has been sprayed to facilitate the next weathering steps. I will be applying decals next and then begin weathering.

Here's some pics...

Here's some close ups of the "sponge" weathering I did. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the way it has come out.

My next 2 tanks have been primed black and are awaiting the airbrush. The usual C&C is welcomed.

The war goes on,

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tank Update

The airbrush is working and although I am still learning to wield it properly, I can already see it's potential. I have posted some pictures below of the Ogryn Chimera and the LR Command Tank. This is based coated with Vallejo Air Color German Grey and the camo-stripe is Vallejo Model Color Dark Sand.

The airbrush allows for VERY exact control and precision, when used patiently. Because the paints must be thinned, they require several light coats. Trust me when I say...patience, patience, and more patience.

Anyways, some pics...

Overall, I am pleased with the result and in time I will have fewer mistakes. On these two I think I will have to go back and try to clean up some of the over spray and splatter. A few specks here and there of the tan seem to have gone to far into the grey areas.

Thanks for looking and C&C is always welcomed.

The war goes on,

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tanks...Sadoukad Style

Presented here for your review are 3 additions to the armored forces of Battlegroup Sadoukad.

First up is simple, yet deadly Leman Russ Battle Tank. It's the first tank I have put together in a while so I went with the straight forward build and added some bits & bobs after its completion. Anyways, pics...

Next up is a LR Executioner. While I will always keep the main weapon as it is, I like the fact that I can interchange the front and sponson weapons as I see fit. I have magnetized the sponsons on this tank and I will be doing the same for all of my tanks in the future, as well. The new kit makes this easier as the side doors are almost flush with the side of the tank.

Last up is the command tank. It's meant to be a modified Land Raider chassis with a Leman Russ weapons loadout. The larger hull allows for the commander to coordinate the operations of his tanks and supporting troops. Because of the extra space needed for logistical equipment, the tank still only supports the LR Battlecannon and a forward heavy bolter turret.

As usual C&C is appreciated. These will get primed tomorrow and then I can finally bust out my airbrush and put it through its paces. Sorry for the long post but I have been stingy with the updates lately and I felt it needed to be done.

The war goes on,

Saturday, September 5, 2009

WIP Update

Sadly no pics this time. I recently had to take my condo of the market and I have been busy unpacking a bunch of boxes. Good heavens, what a pain. Anyways, progress is slowly coming along on my 1st squad of guardsman and my Rough Riders and I am finishing up some construction on a few tanks as well.

I have put together an Executioner, a standard LR Battle Tank, and I will begin on a Vanquisher soon. If anyone has a good method for extending the barrel of the LR, please let me know.

I'll post some pics right before they go in for primer. By the way, if anyone hasn't checked it out yet, the new GW book, "How To Paint Tanks" is worth a look. It doesn't cover things like the Forge World Master Class does but it offers a few good tips here and there. You can never have enough resources for ideas.

The war goes on,