Sunday, June 20, 2010

War Walker Finished

Basing is complete my war walker, which means it is finished.  Pics...

The barbed wire shown in my previous post worked out great.  I base coated it with Boltgun Metal and then applied a wash of Badab Black and then a very thinned layer of Macharius Solar Orange for a rust effect.  The wire itself hold its shape but it is still a little "bouncy" to the touch.

Thanks for looking, C&C is appreciated.  Next up on the painting table is my Ragnarok.

The war goes on,


Mordian7th said...

I really like how that turned out, Hessler! I'm a big fan of the Pegasus hobbies scenics, I'll have to give their barbed wire a try. Keep up the great work!

Grajo said...

Very nice model.

Looking at the autocannons in its arm I realized how big it is, and I´ll love to see a photo comparing it to a standard mini :D

Nice work.

Admiral Drax said...

That's superb, mate - although I echo the request for a comparison!

The colouring is great and the base is particularly grand too. Well done!

the other Kevin said...

I think this turned out really great, and echo the call for a comparison shot.

The barbed wire is a great touch. I've not tried using orange for rust, and plan to give the technique a try.

Sidney Roundwood said...

I love the blog, Hessler...only just discovered it. And wow, the Walker looks awesome....and is helping me to be convinced to invest in an airbrush! Keep up the great posts.