Sunday, May 31, 2009

Titan Knight (2)

After some frustrating hours of building, I was able to put all the pieces together into some sub-assemblies. I ended up with legs, torso, arms, main body and turret. The one major flaw with the instructions is that there is no indication of what should and what shouldn't be glued. This presents quite a problem as there are a ton of joints and articulations that need to be left free from adhesive.

Next I assembled the lower-body and the upper-body. Again, all the articulation makes the final model VERY wobbly and unstable. I needed to go back and glue up some of the major points just to facilitate some posing and standing. All in all, it looks very cool.

As seen in this picture, I have left the weapons unattached as they don't represent the 40K weaponry I intend to use. I'm still deciding on the weapon load out, but things are well on their way to completion. As shown from the figure by the left foot, the scale seems to be great. It's much beefier and more imposing than a sentinel but not so huge that it looms like a Warhound.

After some consideration, I have decided to try and model either a Leman Russ or Predator turret to replace the one that was included with the model. The Predator offers the placement of a twin linked weapon on the front so I might go with that. Both turrets seem to look too large but I'll learn that soon enough.

The war goes on,

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Craig said...

great stuff so far. thanks for joining my blog and from now Im following yours!