Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Titan Knight (4)

After a long weekend in the country, I am finally focused on getting some of these projects built and painted. Here is the final production post on my titan-knight. I finally settled on a lesser known variant called the Castellan. It boasts a battle cannon, twin-linked autocannons, and a chin-mounted, twin-linked heavy bolter.

What I've done above is create a cover plate out of plasticard to facilitate the smaller Predator-style turret. The whole was basically hand cut until the turret fit snugly.

This is the left arm, kitted out with the twin-linked autocannons. Just a simple job of taking a couple ACs(I finally have a use for these) from an IG Heavy Weapons sprue. The existing ports in the arms allowed them two fit almost perfectly.

I did the old "snip, snip" on the Predator lascannons and swapped in a couple heavy bolters. My only thought about the turret is that the stats on the Castellan call for the HB to be chin-mounted, indicating that they are fixed in position. So should I ignore that and keep the turret in a "fixed" position? The other option would be to literally mount the HB on the chin of the model, which would also look good.

My officer of the fleet serves as an example of the scale for all the weapons and upper body of the titan-knight. I think all is done with possible exception of some banners on the arms.

As always, C&C is welcome...

The war goes on,


Itkovian said...

Looking good! I love that model a bit more very time I look at it.

For the Heavy Bolters, chin-mounted doesn't necessarily mean fixed in my mind (rules-wise, I couldn't say). You could just say that due to the arms and their tanks, it only has a 45 degree firing arc.

There is also the fact that it doesn't look like it will be able to fire at something on the ground unless the knight leans over... Maybe chin-mounted would be better.

Col. Hessler said...

All good points...I have rethunk this a little. See my new post ;)