Tuesday, June 2, 2009

HQ Command Squad (1)

My HQ Command Squad is well under way and with the new command squad kits, I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. Here's a breakdown of composition and points:

Company Commander - Plasma Pistol, Power Fist, Carapace
4 Veterans - Vox, Medic, Regimental Standard, Sniper Rifle, Carapace
Regimental Advisers - 2 Bodyguards, Astropath, Master of Ordnance, Master of the Fleet
mounted in a command chimera - HF, HF, Extra Armor

Total Points = 332

Parts breakdown for my commander:
  • Torso/legs are the 1-piece combo from the Catachan command kit
  • The plasma pistol is glued on at the wrist and is from a SM model
  • The power fist is from the Cadian command kit
  • Head is from the Forge World veterans upgrade pack
  • The coat and the neck piece are from the WHF Pistoliers kit

The coat took quite a bit of time to get it to fit properly. I used a dremel(rotary tool) to slowly scrape out the material underneath the shoulders of the coat. It was a matter of scrape a little and check the fit, scrape a little and check the fit, over and over until it looked OK. If I remember correctly, I removed a little material from the models back also. I am partial to this head; I have had it for quite a while and I am glad I could finally use it.

Next are my 2 bodyguards...total bad-asses with scowls to match.
  • Heads are from the Cadian command kit
  • All the rest is from the Forge World Cadian command kit

Next is the Master of Ordnance. I felt like he should have a separate radio operator to follow him around and relay coordinates. During game play I intend to treat this a one model.
  • The Adviser's head is from the Forge World Cadian squad upgrade kit
  • All the rest of both minis is completely from the new Cadian command kit

Last but not least is my Master of the Fleet. Not much to talk about here; the entire mini is made from the Cadian command kit.

My next post will cover the 4 veterans and hopefully some painting.

The war goes on,

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Craig said...

your commander has the same armoury and pose Im using on my vet serg. I thought the power fist on the cadian sprue looks aweful but it actually looks really good on your guy there! i was going to make one from GS but may just use that now