Sunday, July 12, 2009

Airborne Troops (1)

After completing my guide to painting Splittermuster camo, I decided to keep going and work on a secondary unit of my army. Based on Steel Legion models, this force will consist of a basic infantry platoon (ie, command sqd, 2 inf sqd, hvy wpn sqd) that will be completely mounted in Valkyries. In larger battles they will serve as a sort of MIKE force, supplying relief to units being overrun. Serving under a second HQ choice, this force can also roam the field looking for objectives to capture/hold. Another use would be to start in reserve and act as a flanking element.

I am almost finished with the other 5 troopers in 1st Squad. Sadly I have not opened my new basing kit yet...but soon. More to come.

The war goes on,

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Itkovian said...

I can't wait tosee these guys finished, the camouflage is very effective.