Thursday, June 4, 2009

Command Chimera (1)

Here is a breakdown of my first Chimera. I have changed out the turret to make it serve as a Command Vehicle for my Company Command Squad. I started with a standard Chimera frame; the only change made was turning the gun ports into observation ports. Berks Warhammer 40K has a clever alternative for that using SM shoulder pads as covers. It makes them look like vents but I thought it looked cool. Take a look at it here.

I went with a heavy flamer on the hull as well as the turret. I swapped the turret out with a Predator style and attached 2 flamers from the Catachan Sentinel sprue. It only counts as the one heavy weapon but I thought it looked pretty sweet.

I have the FW Stormtrooper commander in the cupola and I improvised a vehicle command comm attachment by combining an icon from the tank sprue and a SM rhino radar dish. This particular turret can be switch out for a standard Chimera turret as needed.

The war goes on,


Craig said...

Ive modified my Chimera to have vision slits, its in the feature box on the sidebar of my blog.
I like this conversion mate, Ive been thinking of changing out the weapon on my Commissariat command vehicle, my question is does the left side of the turret look as good as the right?? Obviously the flmers are meant to attach to the side of the sentinel, is it obvious?? would be good to see a pic if poss!
Keep up the great work mate

Col. Hessler said...

I've seen your chimera, the work is first rate.

As far as mine goes, the left side of the flamer is empty. I decided not to show that part in the photos. As part of the next step on this project, I will be filling that space and sanding it smooth. Not sure if that the best solution but I am open to suggestions.