Thursday, March 8, 2012

Elysian HQ part 2

I've moved on to my 2nd paint scheme, meant to fall somewhere between Star Wars and Mass Effect.  Starting from the White base, I took Citadel Fortress Grey and diluted heavily with Vallejo Glaze Medium.  I gave the figure a good once over and after drying, it served well to shadow the white without darkening in too much.

Armor was based with Citadel Solaris Orange and followed up with a watered down coat of Foundry Orange(B).  The Visor was given watered down layers of Foundry Vivid Blue(A) and Sky Blue(B).  Boots and belts got a few watery coats of Citadel Chardon Granite and a wash of Badab Black.

Next, hoses and a few details were painted with Citadel Boltgun Metal and given a wash of Badab Black.

All in all, I'm happy how this turned out.  It was an idea I've had brewing in my head for a while and I think it translated well into reality.  There are some more opportunities for some washing or shading but I think it stands as completed for now.

I've also been considering a grav sled of some kind, something that gives a quick drop ability on the battlefield, similar to the way that US Navy SEAL use their small boats.  I'm thinking I will borrow from the design and concept in the Star Wars universe.  In particular, the skiff that is seen circling around Jabba the Hut's Barge in Return Of The Jedi.

Any thoughts on this direction?

The war goes on,


Blitzspear said...

Like the white and oj paint, my homebrew chapter has a similar look to them.


Admiral Drax said...

Great ideas!

Plus it's funny you mentioned the skiff - when I saw the look of the mini in the photos my first thought was 'Cool - X-wing pilot inverted!'.

Sebastian said...

Liking that, shall await further progress yet. Though must say, takes a brave man to wear a orange cod piece :D