Sunday, March 4, 2012

Drop Troops HQ

Switching gears from DKoK, I got caught up in my Elysian minis and went with them over the weekend.  I've decided to use these as the base of a small, mobile mercenary company that will utilize grav vehicles and involve some scratch building.

So, I've decided to start some test color schemes on my Elysian HQ to see which fits in best to my theme.  I started by prepping the main figures and priming them, followed by a basic flesh coat of Reaper Tanned Flesh:

Using a Cadian torso, I was able to squeeze a 6th figure into the mix and I began blocking in the colors of my first test scheme:

Anticipating some washes, I went with a Vallejo Pale Sand on the uniform and Vallejo Military Green on the armor.  My "go to" paint for boots and belts is usually Wargames Foundry Deep Leather and that's what I went with here.

I applied a wash of Citadel Black to the boots and armor and, wanting something warmer than straight brown, washed the uniform with Citadel Sepia. I also blocked in the visor with Citadel Foundation Orange.

Overall, I'm rather pleased with the way it's looking.  A bit generic perhaps but it stands as one of my color possibilities, nevertheless.

On to the next and I think I'll start working on a design for a grav skimmer/APC.  As always, comments and criticisms are welcomed.

The war goes on,


Blitzspear said...

Looking good so far, interested to see what you do for the skimmer.

Sidney Roundwood said...

Looking very animated, tough, and meaning business - I really like 'em, Colonel. Looking forward to the grav vehicles, but these chaps are perfect for starters!