Friday, April 13, 2012

Mechanized Mercs

I've decided to go with the orange/white color combo for my mercenary force.  Here's a reminder of the color scheme...

I got frustrated as I contemplated doing a size-able force of FW Elysian models.  Why?  Because a great deal of the poses look rather silly, to be honest.  Before going that route, I decided to try a pack of the new Corporation Rangers from Mantic.  Although I wasn't greatly impressed by the previews I saw, I decided to give them a chance.

I shouldn't have bothered...the models are awkwardly posed, very strange.  The legs are too long for the body and the head is too squat.  What follows is a comparison pic, low quality because of my phone.  The old camera gave out so it's the phone for now.

From the left:  Mantic, Altered-Mantic, Mantic, DKoK, Cadian

Funny enough, the issues with the Mantic Corp. Rangers were eased with the addition of an Elysian Head and arms.  In my opinion, it totally changed the feel of the model and made it worth my attention.  Here is a side comparison to illustrate some of the Mantic shortcomings.

Another negative for me is the general soft details, especially compared to the FW Elysian.  I suppose I should expect there to be that kind of difference, I just hoped they would work out better.

So...I guess it's time to re-consider my rejection of the Elysian models, maybe I'll try toying with some Cadians.

Anyways, thanks for reading.  Feel free to offer up any experiences you've had with these Mantic figures.  I'm anxious to see what others think of them.

The war goes on,

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Blitzspear said...

I have to say i'm not overly stunned by these pics. They are also the first comparison shots next to GW that i've seen. Your right about the heads also very squashed looking.