Sunday, August 23, 2009

WIP Drop Troops - Feedback Needed...Again

I have refined the design of my drop troop concept today. I filled in the backs of the Tau feet and have tried to smooth them out as best I can. Apparently I need some smaller files...what is smaller than "micro" LOL??

The pulse rifle is from Hasslefree, I think it looks exotic enough for an elite airborne regiment.

The grav chute is just roughed in for now. I will either add some wires and bits & bobs or I will just break down and by the FW grav chutes.

I have also presented 3 head choices, 2 you have seen previously, 1 was inspired by someone I saw on a forum somewhere. It's meant to look like WWII Fallschirmjager helmet.

To make things easier, I will try putting up a few polls over in the right column. Thanks in advance for your input and feel free to leave other comments or suggestions below.

Cadian with Respirator

SM Scout

Cadian Variant

The war goes on,


Hal'jin said...

Why have I been checking your blog so un-frequently? You have some really awesome stuff here!

Is that custom grav chute ready? It could use more details, and at the same time less (I mean the tau symbol ;)).

Gotthammer said...

I like the modded cadian helmet - the minimal styling keeps it closer to the style of the armour in my eyes.

If you're going hasslefree guns have you considered their jump packs as an option? Similar to the Forgeworld ones but a lot cheaper.

Darkmolerman said...

I think you should go with the respirator or the cadian head, or both. But if they are dropping from insane heights go with the respirator

Col. Corbane said...

I also like what you've done with the cadian's helmet. It works really well. Good work on the feet also, they look a lot better.

Max said...

Nice work so far sir... just remember to get rid of the big Tau symbol on the back. Unless you feel like a traitor to his Most Holy Emperor of All Mankind, in which case I shall have to call the Inquisition on you.

Itkovian said...

I would say definitely NOT the SM scout head - it looks a bit ridiculous on such a puny body.

If you could manage a respirator with that last helmet, I think you'd have the perfect blend. (if you have the command squad set, you should be able to use one of the ones on that sprue and GS some googles on - or have it hanging off post-jump.

Good work with the Tau legs - though it does need some refining. A tip I've been given is to pick up some nail polishing sticks that womenses use - the cost pennies and have a very fine grain.

The grav shute looks good. I'd say block off the top end, and add a slightly smaller plasticard tube inside the ones already on, but clightly longer. And of course, remove the dirty Tau symbol... :D

Keep it up!

AoM said...

for your filing situation, what you've got there is a good start. rather than finishing with a file, you might want to consider some extra fine sandpaper. Start with a 600 grit, then finish with something between 800 and 1000. Files will get you to the rough shape and size, and the sandpaper will leave you clean and smooth.

I love the Aliens pulse rifles with these guys. Very Sweet!

the other Kevin said...

I like the Cadian Variant head, very creative.

The Tau backpack, with those mods is also a great idea. The thrusters look out of proportion though, too big. I'd just fill in the Tau symbol with green stuff and smooth it out. It needs to be aerodynamic and all...

Great work!