Saturday, May 30, 2009

Titan Knight (1)

So, today I finally received this in the mail...

It's the Gunther model from Dust Models. It's 1/35 scale plastic with some rubber pieces for the movable joints. It is from the Dust universe, which is a futuristic WW2 alternate history game. At least that is what I can make of it. They recently revamped their website...check it out HERE. Since I ordered this little beauty, they have added a bunch of new resin kits for some different walkers. They are twice as expensive as the Gunther ($100-120) but that's the way it goes with a resin model (can anyone say Forge World?) If you are interested in building one, I suggest trying the Gunther for $50(includes shipping) and see if you want to get any others. If this build goes well, I may end up building a squadron...God help me.

I plan to "40K" this one up a little with some Imperial iconography and treat it as a titan knight. The rules I will use can be found within the Lords of Battle Apocolypse Datasheets created by the wonderful people at Bell of Lost Souls(BoLS).

So this is how all the components are packaged. Everything is very organized and all the molds look clean with very little to no flash.

The instructions are quite elaborate compared to most model kits I have worked with and it also incorporates some full color pics of other Dust products as well as some cool looking conversions people have done.

I will post some more progress reports as I construct this be-u-tiful machine of destruction over the weekend. Wow, this will be awesome to paint...

The war goes on,

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