Sunday, October 31, 2010

Space Marines Project Continues

Here's an update on the SM project, unofficially dubbed the "Screaming Eagles".  The pics that follow are meant to show where I'm going with the color scheme and the chapter iconography.  The marine on the far right is the one most finished.

I'm looking to my fellow bloggers for opinions on color for the cloak. 
I'm thinking brown or possibly black. Any suggestions?

I also went back and did some green/highlights on what turned out to be moss on the bases.  They look better to me with a bit of color to offset the drabness.  Picture looks kind of washed out but there you go.

That's all for now.  Please leave comments or constructive criticism.  I am now retiring to the couch to watch the live Ghost Hunters event and then topping it off with the premeire of The Walking Dead on AMC.  In case you don't know, it's a new series about something that is bound to happen one of these day...The Zombiepocalypse.

The war goes on,


Sidney Roundwood said...

Hessler, I love these "Screaming Eagles" guys. Simple, effective and really evocative. I'd go for brown for the cloaks, which stays nicely in theme. Make sure you have some pathfinders in there there's a challenge!! Love the blog, keep well mate! Sidney

Jeff said...

Yeah, I'd agree with brown, consider a red-brown lining, Scab Red shaded with brown? Will keep that realistic muted feel while making the Cap stand out.

Anonymous said...

Really like the conversion