Saturday, May 22, 2010

Finalizing The Loose Ends

Well, after finishing the build and priming of a 5-man Rough Rider squad, I am finally caught up on all my unfinished builds. That means one thing...paint time. I will go back and work on the vehicles first, followed up by infantry.

The first painting project will be a big one...

I pulled my Titan-Knight out of the display case and it needs some touch up work (some rivets, some filing, etc.). Please pardon the dust, as well. I'll make good use of the airbrush for this monster and I will be adding banners to the undersides of the arms. I will be researching color schemes this afternoon and hopefully get some paint block out by tomorrow.

If anyone has suggestions for colors for the households, please let me know. To check how this build progressed, check the sidebar to the left under Started Projects.

1 Year Gone By.

I would like to thank everyone who subscribes and /or reads this blog. I have been at it for a year now and my love for this hobby has only increased. I set out to make this a place for people to get ideas and be inspired. Hopefully I have been able to spark someone's imagination to try something new or different. Rest assured you have inspired me. Thanks to everyone!

The war goes on,
Col. Hessler


Admiral Drax said...

A year well spent, mate.

Thanks; keep it up, and keep it coming!

- Drax.

the other Kevin said...

Agree with Drax. There's some great stuff going on here on this blog over the past year, and I've enjoyed every bit of it.

Papa JJ said...

Congratulations on having such a successful first year. I've really enjoyed following your work and appreciate all the fantastic projects you've shared with us. The titan-knight looks very cool, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how he turns out. Best wishes to you for Year 2!

Col. Hessler said...

Cheers for the kind words!