Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tiger Russ

Here is some progress I am making on the second of my Tiger Russ MBTs. It still relies heavily on the Tamiya 1/48 Tiger 1 model but I have incorporated more of the Leman Russ turret this time to achieve, what I think, is a better result. Pics to follow...

Above is a pic of the first tank I did, provided to show the difference in the battle cannons.

I have built the LR turret directly into the structure of the Tiger model. I covered the gaps with plasticard and extended the cannon. To the immediate side of the cannon is the co-axle heavy bolter. I still need to do a little patching around the HB.

This shows the detail of the bottom of the turret housing. You can see how the GW turret fits into the other turret. I used thin shims of cardboard to stabilize it in the rear.

Below are some more comparison pictures of the Leman Russ and the Tiger Russ. While I can't say the GW design is bad, it definitely doesn't suit my tastes. I guess I just want to be able to have some variety.

That's it for now, C&C is welcomed.

The war goes on,


Blitzspear said...

Looking great, any plans to try this with a king tiger with a porsche turret? i've always thought that turret loks very 40k.

Col. Hessler said...

I toyed around with a king tiger a few posts ago...probably not only because that particular tank is very tall and it seems to clash with how I want my tanks to look.

Col. Corbane said...

That's brilliant mate, I really do like what you do with other kits. Any chance of a group photo at some point mate.

Col. Hessler said...

@Corbane: Thanks mate. A group shot is definitely in the works. I want to get the 3rd Tiger Russ finished and then get them all at least primed before I present the group shot. Man, I have a lot of work to do...lol.


Galland said...

Greetings Herr Hessler!

This really is looking good, I made a Stug variant, and it came out okay I think. However these Tigers are one step further I think, and something I would like to try. One question, what commander is it that you are using? Or is it some sort of conversion, and if so, what figures did you use?

Col. Hessler said...

@Galland: The commander uses bits that are on the IG Tank Accessories Sprue. Currently that is available only at the GW website.