Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Lander Takes Shape

I raided the Valkyrie bits last night and, after some major tinkering, I reached a rough design that is starting to work for me.  I am going for a "box-style" lander, as opposed to a "plane-style".  The design is meant to be chunky and armored looking, relying more on protection of passengers than providing firepower.

Ideally the lift jets will face down, perpendicular to the ground
I snagged some bits from an old Cities If Death kit to support the sides.

That's it for now another update maybe be coming up later today.  As always, criticisms & comments are welcome.

Just as a side note: I don't know what anyone else has experienced, but working with the Blogger system is frustrating and very buggy.  It took me almost 30 minutes to get this simple post completed.  I kept having to deal with spacing issues, mostly related to the photos.  Damn frustrating.

The war goes on,


Admiral Drax said...

Love the look of it, Hessler!

btw, I found a long time ago that the best way to do it (for me, at least) is:

1) Write the text for your post in the 'compose' window
2) Add images into the 'compose' window
3) Switch to the 'html' window then highlight and drag the paragraphs of code into their appropriate place
4) Go back to 'compose' and carefully delete/backspace all the extra blank lines.

Essentially, as soon as you manipulate an image in the 'compose' window, it all goes tits-up and you lose the hyperlink to the picture too.

Hope that helps...

- Chris.

Col. Hessler said...

I may just do everything in HTML and then transfer it over. Never really thought of that.

Cheers Drax!