Friday, November 13, 2009

Drop Troops Test Mini

Assembly on my 2nd squad of troops is finished and I have completed the test mini for my new drop troops. Here's a pic to get things going...

I have used Pig Iron Heads, but gone with a lesser used style...they all have a bulkier helmet with mouth pieces. The grav-chutes are from Hasslefree. Legs, torso, and arms are Tau and the Las Carbine is a modified Catachan weapon.

I went with Tau components for several reasons. They suggest a slighter physical build than the Cadian models; this fits in perfectly with the fluff for this unit. The poses seem to convey a sense of alert, which is how one would be when dropping through the sky into the middle of a battlefield. The leg and shoulder "pads" represent a lighter version of flak armor, something that airborne/drop troops would favor.

I did some minor surgery on the Tau scanner and added some wire to make it more the very least, less Tau.

And, as an added bonus on this fabulous Friday the 13th, I received 3 Cadian Command Squad kits. These will be put through some serious paces this weekend...I intend to finish my infantry platoon and possibly start to work on some other unfinished elements of my army, namely more tanks.

That's it for now, everyone have a smashing weekend.

The war goes on,

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the other Kevin said...

Great looking piece, as usual. I had wondered about these heads as well, and the jump pack fits perfect. I'm looking forward to seeing more of these.