Saturday, September 5, 2009

WIP Update

Sadly no pics this time. I recently had to take my condo of the market and I have been busy unpacking a bunch of boxes. Good heavens, what a pain. Anyways, progress is slowly coming along on my 1st squad of guardsman and my Rough Riders and I am finishing up some construction on a few tanks as well.

I have put together an Executioner, a standard LR Battle Tank, and I will begin on a Vanquisher soon. If anyone has a good method for extending the barrel of the LR, please let me know.

I'll post some pics right before they go in for primer. By the way, if anyone hasn't checked it out yet, the new GW book, "How To Paint Tanks" is worth a look. It doesn't cover things like the Forge World Master Class does but it offers a few good tips here and there. You can never have enough resources for ideas.

The war goes on,


Anonymous said...

If you can get an appropriate sized marker the tube shell could work for extending the barrel.

the other Kevin said...

Cheap Bic pens are the same diameter as the LRBT barrel. The challenge is figuring out how best to use it.
I've been trying something like this using a 1/4" copper pipe coupling. It needed to be cut shorter, and filled in a bit with green stuff between it and the barrel, but looks decent. I'm stuck on figuring a way to "finish" the business end of the barrel.

the other Kevin said...

Just posted pics of my Vanquisher barrel conversion idea, in case your interested.