Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ogryn (1)

I have fallen out of paint mode already and got bit by the Ogryn bug. I went to the WHF Ogres for the base models. The bodies offer very little variation but in my opinion they are better scaled to your average guardsman than the metal 40K Ogryn models. It's a stretch to think you could fit 6 of the WHF Ogres in a chimera, it's impossible for me to even imagine fitting six of the metal ones.

I was able to do some modeling with both pro-create and plasticard on these. My skills are not where they ought to be but I am happy with how things have turned out. I threw the gut-plates on their heads to use as helmets. Also the weapons are all from the Ork Boys box set, the hands are a perfect fit.

For the armor plates, I cut out the rough shapes with plasticard and then cut slits to allow the material to "bend". Afterwards I went back and filled all the little gaps with green hobby filler.

Yet another can of fuel for the 40K fire!

The war goes on,

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Itkovian said...

Some very good plasticard work there. The helmets are quirky and using the ork weapons is inspired.